Some Tattoo Guidance for Newbies

If you decide to get your first tattoo then that is a huge decision that is not to be taken lightly, after all if you don’t like the design years later then you only have some very expensive and painful options left to remove it. A good artist will be able to cover over your tattoo if you don’t like it, but that is a difficult process and you may not like the result of that either so it is much easier to just choose right the first time.

Below are 3 tips to help you avoid some common tattoo mistakes that people make:

Make sure you choose the best person for the job: We said that choosing a tattoo you like is important, but probably more important is to choose an artist who is going to do a good job of bringing your idea to life. In most countries then there isn’t any sort of regulation so anybody of any skill can start a tattoo business, this means the skill level between artists can vary a significant amount.

That is why when I want a new tattoo then I look at the tattoo magazines and read about some of the artists featured in there. By reading the interviews and looking at the awards that people have been given then you can easily see which artists are the most skillful and passionate which makes choosing a lot easier. Alright I admit you are not going to find someone near you unless you are very lucky, which means you need to travel if you want to get them to do the work, but at least you know the work will be top notch. Also it hurts less when you have a professional doing it as they don’t go too deep, which is important if you are having it done on a really painful place, like having feet tattoos for instance.

Avoid words in the design at all costs or triple check they are correct: This is one of the most common problems that I see with people who have had tattoos done, and one that is easily avoided. Often this happens when people want specific words or a phrase inked onto themselves and they just walk in and tell the artist what they want and let them do it. Instead if you take the time to write it out in Microsoft Word and actually print it out (so there aren’t any issues with them not being able to read your handwriting) then it will spell check it for you and after triple checking it is all ok you can print it out and take it along with you.

Plan ahead: I wish I had received this advice before I started to get tattoos, even though you are really excited about getting your first tattoo and don’t know if you want any more then think about what you need to do if you do want more. Think about what you could have done if you wanted to expand the design you want to get, is it easy to add to and make bigger or will it look out of place? Most people who get one end up getting at least a few more tattoos, and trust me it looks odd to just have a collection of single tattoos, the best designs are those that have a lot going on in them and cover a larger areas.

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