Embroidered Corporate Apparel | Custom Finishing for Uniforms or Promotions

Does your corporation or company need embroidered corporate apparel for employee uniforms, ad specialty wearables, or for marketing giveaways?

Embroidered corporate apparel promotes brand recognition, whether you use the apparel for employee wear or for a specific marketing effort or trade show giveaway. If you choose to promotional corporate-branded clothing, polo shirts, dress shirts, t-shirts, or other apparel that is customized, logoed, or has a business slogan, icon or other branding element, then request help from a business with experience in product customization and also marketing. Element3 Marketing understands the need for integrated, multiple marketing distribution channels to deliver a consistent business message.

Branded, Embroidered Corporate Apparel

Element3 Marketing works directly with corporations to implement business messaging on corporate promotional apparel, ad specialty marketing shirts or on other promotional apparel for giveaways at trade shows or conventions. Ad specialty apparel is also useful for product launches or other promotions like store openings. Embroidered corporate apparel is one way to show that your corporation or business supports local community groups like sports teams for children, local community non-profits, or other organizations.

Choosing embroidered corporate apparel also provides a consistent look and style for your “employee uniform,” which is ideal for chain stores or corporate franchises. Consider that this is just another inexpensive method to promote your business. With a consistent look, chain stores or other business locations help to reinforce your overall business brand recognition with logoed clothing, embroidered slogans, ad tag lines, or just a company name. Potential customers and current ones will see your apparel with logo design and will likely remember your business.

Choose a Marketing Company to Help with Business Messaging

Choose a marketing consultant that has printing and customization experience. With years in the business, Element3 Marketing provides professionally finished, embroidered corporate apparel or clothing customized to deliver your business message or logo. Your logoed clothing or ad specialty wear promotes your business message or corporate branding. With experience in traditional printing techniques, and consulting for overall marketing, we can suggest various techniques for creating durable, logoed apparel. We can have your apparel logoed with embroidery or silkscreen printing—patches are another option.

Element3 Marketing is a marketing company experienced with traditional forms of advertising including media buys. We also help corporations and smaller companies take advantage of new, marketing distribution channels online. We can help you deliver your business message online with digital marketing and social media marketing consulting and implementation.

Contact Element3 Marketing for help – we can design embroidered corporate apparel or custom-finish corporate branded clothes per your specific requirements. Branded apparel reinforces your brand recognition whether use the shirts as employee wear or you intend to use them as promotional giveaways at conventions, trade shows or even at local events.

Remember that any promo giveaways or embroidered corporate apparel are additional opportunities for delivering your business message. Employ multiple marketing methods to build a synergistic ad campaign or use multiple techniques to reinforce brand recognition.

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