Affordable Drawing Kit Helps Novice Artists Discover How to Draw Without an Educator

This could seem weird, particularly with something as simple as a ridiculous illustration, however you can't imagine how delighted I was when a pal asked to buy one of my drawings. What is crazy is that I wasn't a great drawer just a brief time earlier. However my work improved dramatically when I bought the [...] Read more »

Chalk Markers for Great Striking Art – Video Training

Chalk This Way chalk markers are great for drawing on virtually any hard, non permeable surface. These surfaces consist of glass, mirrors, metal, plastic – even porcelains and selected china! These chalk markers are exceptionally simple to use to produce expert looking chalk art. A long standing preference with bistro, coffee shop and bistro owners [...] Read more »

Chalk Markers for Making Quality Artwork – Video Training

Chalk This Way chalk markers produce remarkably lively color images, duplicating the beauty of chalk art without all the mess and fuss! This video provides some great ideas regarding why Chalk This Way markers are the best chalk ink markers you can utilize to produce long lasting results that will not fade or smudge. Chalk [...] Read more »

The Typical Mistakes Made by Writers

Writers – not surprisingly – pride themselves on their words and phrases, on their skill to produce completely new universes, conjure fantastic personas, and inspire the readers. They invest a considerable amount of time vigilantly crafting and then evaluating their work, endeavouring to develop the original and craft the best possible version of their text. [...] Read more »

The Value of Proofreading

If you’ve produced a novel – or any other kind of book – and consequently are now itching to know the simplest way to proceed with having it published, stop! Have you re-read your work, fixing blunders and working on any poor areas in the manuscript? Your response to this is most likely “certainly”. Have [...] Read more »

Why a Reliable Editor Is Worth Their Weight in Gold

Quite a few novelists are put off by the thought of using someone with experience of novel editing mainly because of the cost. They believe that they can perform the editing by themselves for free, or ask family and pals for their opinions in return for buying them a drink. Though authors should definitely edit [...] Read more »

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