Chopper Tattoo Overview

Well, I’ve recently began using Chopper Tattoo and I love it. However, before, I would like to tell you what it really was like when I obtained my first tattoo in the 90′s. Apparently , this is what it’s like for many people today, too. There were no real tattoo websites during the time, and [...] Read more »

Tattoo Me Now Review and Info

Looking for the tattoo that you truly want is quite hard. Many people who visited a body art shop might be pressured in to acquiring a design that they only like halfheartedly because they’re already there. You really do n’t want this from happening to you and then regretting your decision for most of your [...] Read more »

Chopper Tattoo – a Website for Tattoo Lovers

Considering a tattoo design is tougher than you first think it is. A lot of people forgo getting one because they fear that they will not really like the outcome. There are several disadvantages of getting ‘inked’, as a lot of people say nowadays. Probably the most problematic of it all is you not actually [...] Read more »

Get Your Dream Tat From Tattoo Me Now

Probably the most important aspect of owning a successful tattoo studio is having a number of different selection in designs to pick from. A lot of people who are looking for a tattoo design start on search engines to find a suitable design. Finding good tattoo designs is getting progressively difficult since the internet is [...] Read more »

Get Creative and Learn Trick Photography and Special Effects Photography Ideas

There are many types of photography, some types much less glamorous as other types. I could possibly use a couple of paragraphs just listing these, but as there are just a few which interest me, I will not. However let me inform you of the kind I like the most, “Trick Digital Photography,” seems like [...] Read more »

Some Tattoo Guidance for Newbies

If you decide to get your first tattoo then that is a huge decision that is not to be taken lightly, after all if you don’t like the design years later then you only have some very expensive and painful options left to remove it. A good artist will be able to cover over your [...] Read more »

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